Continuing Fur-ther

P1020701As per the pattern guide, I started with the zipper. In my mind this was a big obstacle to get over, but in reality the sewing of the zipper went really smoothly and the results were great. I wanted to use a large toothed zipper in this jacket for various reasons. I figured the larger the teeth of the zipper, the less likely it would get tangled in the fur. But I did not have any large tooth zippers in the size I needed for the size 3 jacket on hand. After a trip to Joann’s, I learned that they don’t make a zipper with big teeth in the size I needed or at least not one I could readily buy, so I settled on a zipper with the largest teeth I could find.


After sewing in the zipper and zipping it up, the fur did not seem to get caught in the zipper at all, so I decided that the smaller tooth zipper was going to work out ok.


P1020663The collar was next. I cut both the top and bottom of the collar pieces out of the fur. As I sewed them together and then tried to turn the collar, there was a lot of bulk from the fur to deal with, making it difficult. I started to wonder at that point if I should have made the bottom of the collar from something other than fur to minimize the bulk. But instead of unpicking the collar or cutting a new collar, I fought with the bulk instead. With the collar completed, I sewed it to the jacket. As I sewed the collar to the jacket, I noticed that the grain or lay of the fur was running the wrong direction. I had carefully cut out the fur so that it ran from the top of the collar to the bottom, where the collar attaches to the jacket, but the collar lays the other way once attached to the jacket and folded down. I should have ran the fur the other way so that the fur of the collar laid the same way as the fur of the jacket once it was attached to the jacket and not before it was attached. This also would have made the sewing of the collar to the jacket much easier. With the way I had cut the fur I had to fight with the hair of the fur as I sewed the collar on. Because of this I had to make sure I was sewing the actual backing of the fur to the jackets, and not just the hair of the fur that was laying just beyond the backing.


P1020699Once the collar was attached, I debated about unpicking the collar from the jacket and starting all over again. This didn’t make me very happy, so I decided that since this was my trial project to learn how to sew with fur anyway, I would just take the lessons learned so far and move forward.


I was very happy with the how the zipper worked out in the end. I will have no problem using a zipper in my next fur jacket, but I will take the lessons learned and do the next collar differently. However, for the next collar I will only cut the top part of the collar out of the fur and I will use something else for the bottom of the collar. And I will also make sure to cut the fur in the correct way for the proper direction of the lay of the collar once it is attached to the jacket.


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