I won, but I lost, but I won

Well after organizing and re-packing all of my fabric into fifty two separate boxes, the fabric in my stash is finally organized, pictured, labeled and put back in the closet, or at least mostly put back in the closet. Some of it just would not fit, so it is sitting in boxes next to the closet instead.

And with that my New Year 2013 resolution is finally complete! Yay!

Now that my stash is finally fully organized and under control again, I am very satisfied with the results and very pleased with myself for a job finally completed and done well. It has been a long time coming.

And I felt that it was time for some relaxation and what better way to relax than to check out Fabric Mart’s latest sale? And what better way to reward myself for a job well done than to make a fabric purchase?

Now, a small fabric purchase of a piece or two of shiny new fabric should do just fine I thought to myself. And the fact that it was on sale for an unbelievably awesome deal and that it would not ever enter the stash at all, but would instead be used right away should be a fine reward for anyone who had just completed a total reorganization of their stash, but oh no, not for me. Instead I ended up purchasing 45 yards of fabric on sale at Fabric Mart, for a grand total of 37 pounds of new fabric. Cheese Louise!


But, but, but the flannel was only two dollars a yard and the wool was imported from Italy, and the pique is just right for the husband’s shirts and at just one dollar per yard how could I not buy at least 10 yards of it? That’s 4 shirts for just $10! Really?!? How could I not buy it ALL? REALLY?!? How could I actually go and BUY more fabric?


After just spending almost 2 months of my free time reorganizing all of my fabric stash how could I possibly add more to it? Hadn’t I handled enough fabric lately to have grown sick of it? Hadn’t I just found so many pieces that I had long forgot I purchased so it was like a new fabric purchase to me anyway? Hadn’t I been inspired by all of the cool pieces in the stash to do something with them? Why oh why did I feel the need to purchase still more fabric? Now I will have to get more boxes. Now I will have to take more pictures. Now I will have to add more categories to my new stash organization system. When will I ever have the time to sew again?


Although I can not answer all these questions right now, I can answer the last one. It is time to start sewing again after a two month hiatus. While organizing the stash I found two pair of pants for me already cut out and just waiting to be sewn up. So that is next on my list to do. And I set out 4 pieces of fabric from the stash for baby sleepers. So that will be the second thing I put on my to do list. And I know exactly what piece of fabric I want to use for the husband’s next shirt too.

So let the sewing begin!

And perhaps I can stay busy enough sewing fun new things that my fabric addiction will subside, at least for a short time…  Or until the next great fabric sale that is just too good to pass up, so maybe I am safe for a week or two! I hope!


8 thoughts on “I won, but I lost, but I won

  1. Lanita, Fabric Mart sounds like heaven. A place I want to go to but just not right now.I can relate. My 2013 resolution was to re-organize and paint my sewing room before setting up my new embroidery machine. Just got it done last week. I am a quilter with a new brother embroidery machine, Can I ask you a few questions about my pe-next? I started designing in pe-next this week and can’t find all the answers in the manual.

  2. Ah you know what they say, one persons heaven is another persons hell and all. ;o)

    Congrats on completing your resolutions too. Most never do.

    And sure ask away, I will help you out if I can.

    • Lanita, thanks for a quick reply. I’m trying to use running stitches (quilting) on a 16′ mini quilt. I’m working on a custom size page in the layout and edit mode. When looking at the design it all looks like running stitches but some areas are in running stitch while other areas are in block even though they look like running stitches. The stitch selector will not let me change anything to running stitches for these sections. Some of the areas are duplicates of other designs. Maybe that locked them up? Also I’m not sure how to optimize the stitching to get the best stitching.

      I tried to do my design in a continuous as possible line but it starts and stops for each component. I designed an oval in an oval then selected them and duplicated them and moved them along for a chain effect and it sews each one separately starting from the unconnected side! Do I need to design by line drawing continuously instead of drawing then duplicating? Some of these areas can be selected and the points turned on and changed to cusp or symmetry while others can’t. Should I be doing all this in the design center? I’m new to digitizing but have some computer design experience. My dealer convinced me this was the machine for me for my needs as long as I was willing to digitize but they’re not around or don’t know this program.

      I just want to quilt my quilts on my machine. Its a brother Quattro with an on board camera to scan my hooped quilts and was told I could import the scan to my PE-Next program to get a custom quilted design. When I tried to do this I cant figure it out and she kind of backed out about this ability?? Do you know if it is possible.

      Sorry if this dose’t make complete sense or is too fragmented. Could you help? Would more information help? Thanks again.


    • Robin,

      Not being a quilter I won’t be much help, but I will answer what I know.

      I have had a similar problem when using multiple separate designs pulled from somewhere else and then trying to combine them into one large design the digitizing software mistakes the disparate parts and tries to do the best it can to assemble them together in one piece or one single design.

      I have found that more often than not the digitizing software will make poor judgements regarding where the beginning and ending portions of one design actually occur and it end up messing the whole thing up. I found that this type of thing worked best if I would open as large of a embroidering field as I could in the software and put the items together like this:

      ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
      ❤ ❤ ❤
      ❤ ❤

      (please notice the spaces between the designs) and then once the software has converted the designs to stitches you can select the designs one by one in the big design field and move them to be where you want them. This way the software will properly calculate the stitch density and put them together for you correctly.

      So once you have them in the embroidery field you can adjust them and remove the spaces between the designs like this and the software can more easily deal with it.

      Like this:


      Also when the design are separated with enough space the digitizing software knows to treat them as individual designs at that point and you can easily change stitch type, density, etc. while they are in the spaced out format. Once you move the designs too close together the software just sees them as one very large design and it will lock out some types of changes to it since it thinks it might damage the machine to stitch it the way you want it to. So make sure and make any changes to the individual designs while they are separated.

      I am sure your Quattro can do the on board camera trick, but why you would want to go to the trouble is beyond me!

      Just lay the quilt design as flat as possible, take a nice and well contrasted photo of it with a digital camera of some sort, then import that photo into your digitizing software and let it digitize the design. Trust me it will work much better that way.

      I hope some of this information helps a little.

    • Thank you for your reply. I’ll try doing this but I still wonder of you can join an end node to the next beginning node creating only one node. I’m going to try what you said and see if I can connect them. As for my blocks, because I have to hoop each one and I want custom quilting I thought this would be the best way but I’m open to suggestions.Do you think by photographing the block it will be a true size to do the custom quilting around the design elements when I do the hooping? It would be stretched wouldn’t it? maybe because I haven’t used an embroidery machine to quilt I’m at a loss to the rules and possibilities.Again, Thank you for your information. Robin

    • Yes I think you can connect two nodes together as one. I do it all the time.

      And yes I think that by using the photo method you will be able to get the size you need. If not once in the digitizing software you can just select the entire design and stretch it up/down in size or adjust the width of the design using the onscreen rulers to get the exact size you want no matter the size of the original photo.

      Have you by any chance taken a look at this book at this link? http://goo.gl/6QfHX

      I think it would help you out with a lot of these questions.

    • Lanita, I’ve tried everything I know of and still can’t get the nodes to join into one?? Hi-lighting, grouping, setting one exit node over the other enter node, closing, ect. I’ll take a look at the book. Is it for digitizing? Thank You, Robin

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