P1030323Yep, as you have guessed from the title of this post my latest amigurumi project is a frog. I found this frog’s pattern on Ravelry.com and I knew it would be my next project when I saw it.


Mr. Frog’s pattern said to make him with an “F” hook. As you know, my favorite hook size is a “G” size but I decided to use the “F” hook as the pattern called for and I am glad that I did. I would not have wanted this frog to be any bigger. Mr. Frog’s parts crocheted up easily and because the arms and legs are not stuffed, he also sewed up easily. The pattern called for the arms and legs to just be long and flat so you could pose him in a jump or just fold them up against his body when you wanted him to sit. I found that the legs did not want to stay folded while he was siting and since he will be sitting most of the time, I stitched his arms and legs folded to his body.


When it came time to add his eyes, I got out my purchased frog eyes but I did not like the way they looked on this frog. They were too small. I tried larger black eyes but they did not have a frog look to them. I finally picked the yellow eyes and I like them a lot on him. Next was Mr. Frog’s smile. I knew I wanted him to have a big smile so I used yarn instead of embroidery floss to give his smile a thicker and bolder look.


P1030325There is only one thing I would change on Mr Frog’s pattern and that is that I would make his arms and legs longer. To me, they seem a little short in comparison to the size of his body.


Mr. Frog was a fun and easy amigurumi to make. It was great just to have a quick and enjoyable project without a lot of hassles involved.


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