But What About Me?

Couple arguing over dietFor as much weight as I have lost, the husband has lost more. Don’t you just hate all males for being able to loose weight faster and easier than females? I am not jealous of him though, instead I am very proud of him. And, with that said, his clothes are fitting him like plastic garbage bags as well, but unlike me, this man does not have a stash of old skinny clothes that he could not part with to wear. So as I measured, altered, cut, and sewed me a few new shirts, a little green eyed monster appeared at my side and said, “Hey, where’s my new altered to fit shirt?”

Also unlike me, the husband has lost weight evenly all over his body. This made the altering of his shirt pattern much easier. He needs everything taken in all over and not just in certain areas like mine. So, I took some measurements from him and started at the top. Like mine, I took a small amount out of the shoulder seam at the neck and tapered it to the armscye. This moved the shirt in closer to his neck but still not enough in the front, so I added back a 1/2 inch to the front neck line as well. I did not need to alter the collar pattern piece though. The size of the collar on each of the husband’s shirts varies from shirt to shirt depending on the stretch of the fabric and the interfacing I used. When I make the husband a shirt, I usually end up altering the collar as I make the shirt so I did not need to change the collar size for now since it was still a good size.

I did adjust the facings to match the new neck line in front and the new shoulder seams so that facing would match the front of the shirt. The next alteration was to remove 1/2 inch from the entire side of all sides of the shirt including the armscye. I also took the 1/2 inch off each side of the sleeve to match the new armscye. The last alteration I made was to take some off the bottom and lift the side slits up a little, something I had learned was needed from the making of my new shirt. I was conservative with these alterations since I knew that after starting the sewing process, it would be much easier to cut more off the sides than to add some back to the sides.

P1030380Once again, I did the slit and fold method to apply the new cutting lines of the alterations so I did not destroy the original basic sloper pattern. I let the husband pick which fabric he wanted to use from my stash pictures. I told him to pick a fabric that he did mind not working out in case it was a failure. He picked this purple and black stripe. I wanted him to pick again because I really like the colors of this fabric, but it was what he wanted so I went ahead and used it. The cutting and sewing of the husband’s new shirt went smoothly.

The collar did not require any altering at all and I did not have to fight putting the collar on the new neck line. In fact, it was one of the easiest collars I have stitched on a shirt in a while. I talked the husband into trying on the shirt frequently during the sewing process to see if my alterations were coming out ok. He understood and tried the shirt on whenever I asked, even when it was loaded with pins.

P1030396Before adding the buttons, it was time to decide if I wanted to embroider a design on the shirt. I debated once again about whether it was worth the time and thread to embroider on the a shirt that might not fit correctly. I asked the husband if he wanted a design on this shirt. He answered me by asking what design I would put on it. Well, to me this purple and black striped fabric screamed for a Snoopy design to be embroidered on it. Of course, a lot of fabric screams for a Snoopy design to me, but the husband agreed and picked Snoopy at the typewriter for the embroidered design on this shirt.

The embroidering process went well and I think the Snoopy looks great on this shirt, but I am not sure if the husband agrees. He says that he does, but I just get that feeling that it’s not his favorite. Maybe my feeling on this are clouded by the fact that I really like the husband’s new shirt, the colors and the Snoopy design, so much that I am hoping that he does not like it and I can have it instead.

After adding the buttons, the shirt was officially finished and it was time for the wear test. The husband has wore the shirt a few times now and says it fits fine. I believe that it does but I need the husband to scrutinize the fit a little bit more before I trust it.


The only way I know how to get him to do this is to bug him about it. When I repeatedly ask him about the fit, he rolls his eyes and tells me the shirt fits fine, so I have decided to stop asking him about the fit. He knows that if there is something that needs to be changed, he just has to tell me and that it will not hurt my feelings. I need to know these things so I can correct it on the pattern if necessary.

With that in mind though, I am not yet willing to make the changes to his basic sloper pattern permanently. I am going to let him wear the shirt a couple of more times to make sure there is nothing he wants changed on the pattern.

And for you Marvel Comic Book fans out there yes that is indeed Stan “The Man” Lee with the husband and I at Comic Con this year while wearing the new purple snoopy shirt!

And even though I’m sure he would have rather it been Spider Man embroidered on it, Stan said he liked it anyway and that he was a huge Peanuts and Charles Shultz fan too!


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