Nose Above the Eyes

IMG_7141After completing Orion with all his challenges and complexities, I was ready to crochet a simpler amigurumi. And still being in the alien making mood, I decided crochet another simpler alien life form. His pattern name is Zork. I liked the name so I decided to keep it.





IMG_7147Zork’s pattern is from a book I purchased a long time ago but never crocheted anything from. The book is Crocheted Softies by Stacey Trock. Remember Mark and Clark, the experimental monsters, who’s pattern I downloaded from Raverly? They were designed by Stacy Trock as well, and if you remember, her patterns are all stitched in the back loop technique leaving front ridges. Zork was designed the same with the front ridges and I decided to crochet him as the pattern directed.


IMG_7139In this pattern, you start at the eyes and crochet your way down to the head and then on to the body. This means that you have to insert the eyes early on in the crocheting process, after crocheting the white eye balls and just before starting the green stalks that hold the eyeballs. This was a little difficult for me. It would have been easier if more of the head and body would have been crocheted first so I could tell how the eyes were going to look with the head and body when choosing which size or shape of eyes I wanted to use. I inserted several different shapes and sizes of eyes but just was not happy with any of them. With what started out as a joke, I inserted a couple of noses instead of eyes and voila, they made the perfect eyes for this alien.


IMG_7144This pattern worked up easily and simply. It was a little tricky to keep the eyes facing forward while crocheting the stalks of the eyes together to form the head. As you can see, mine are not quite straight, but they are as straight as I could get them and their off position gives a little personality to Zork. I really enjoyed adding the ruffle at the bottom of Zork’s body. It was fun to crochet and added more personality to Zork. When it came to making his mouth, I read the pattern and thought, “This will never work.” but I followed the pattern and it worked out great.


Zork was fun and simple to make from the crocheting to the stitching together. It was nice to have something just relaxing to make for a change. I would make another Zork anytime.


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