IMG_0248One of my favorite parts of Halloween is, of course, the candy. Of all the candy available at this time of the year, candy corn is of course high on my list of favorites. So, the next Halloween pattern that I found and just had to make was this candy corn man, who was quickly named Corny.


P1030511Corny was a fun pattern to make. His parts crocheted easily. I chose brown yarn instead of black to make his feet and eyes. The brown made me think of chocolate and that just seemed to match this candy man. I wanted his arms to be posable so I inserted pipe cleaners in them. I made a loop in one end of the pipe cleaner for his hand and then left the pipe cleaner long enough to insert the other end into his body to help with attaching his arms. Since his arms are not stuffed, adding the pipe cleaners was easy. Because this worked out so well, I decided to put pipe cleaners in his legs too. I did not make the loops for his feet though, instead I stuffed his round feet and then inserted the pipe cleaners into the stuffing. Like the arms I extended the pipe cleaners out beyond the legs a little bit to help P1030577attach the legs to the body. I did stitch the arms and legs securely to the body. Even though they were held on by the pipe cleaners, stitching the arms and legs hid the pipe cleaners and also made sure the arms and legs couldn’t be pulled off from the body accidentally.


I think Corny turned out so cute! He makes me smile each time I see him on my kitchen counter and I am excited to have him in my Halloween diorama this year.


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