A “Real” Amigurumi

IMG_0006Although I have made many amigurumi’s over the years, I am calling this one a “real” Amigurumi due to the size of its head. Let me explain. Amigurumi means “tiny toy” in Japanese. It seems to me that all the first amigurumi patterns that I saw all had heads disproportionate in size to their bodies including very large eyes. Very Anime like. This was a popular look at the time and a look that really appealed to me. This look is one of the reasons that I wanted to begin to make my own amigurumi’s.

IMG_0010It was love at first site with this tiger and it quickly moved up to the top of my to do list. Like most amigurumi patterns, the head was to be crocheted first. I don’t like to start an amigurumi with the head first. I like to make the arms and legs first, then the body and then the head next, followed last by any details. For me, the head and face is the cute part, it’s what gives the amigurumi’s its character, what makes it come to life. It is the most creative part of making an amigurumi and the most difficult part to complete. It is also the most detailed part putting on the eyes, ears, nose, horns, and so on. The body, arms and legs are just the base of the amigurumi. If the arms, legs and body do not turn out well, I can stop and rethink the project before spending the time making the head and face and details. So, in following my process, I started this tiger by crocheting the arms and the legs first.

P1030764As I crocheted the arms and legs, I had to stuff them as I crocheted them up. The arms and legs came out much tinier than I had expected and they tapered quickly at the ends, especially the legs. I was surprised at how small the legs were even turning out even when compared to the very small arms. As I crocheted the body, I kept waiting for the increases in size that never came. I followed the pattern, but after completing the body, it was even smaller than the arms were. I really started to doubt the finished look of this tiger at this point. The head was stitched next. While crocheting the head, I found the P1030762increases that I was looking for while I was crocheting the body. The rounds of the head just kept increasing and increasing. Stop already! Just how big was this head going to be? Too big I was afraid. As I kept on crocheting, I followed the pattern until the head was complete. The next part should have been the crocheting of the ears and muzzle, but I was having serious doubts about how this tiger was going to turn out so I decided to wait on crocheting the details and start the stuffing and stitching for this amigurumi first.

P1040150With the arms and legs already stuffed as I had crocheted them, I stuffed the tiny body and the giant head and then I stitched them all together. As I was still doubting the proportions of this tiger, I attached the arms and legs and the tiger finally came to life. It worked! The tiny body and the giant head were a perfect match with the little legs and the larger arms. I could see the finished tiger in my mind’s eye at this point, so I wasted no time in crocheting the ears and the muzzle. His tail was the last piece to crochet and he was finally finished.

And he turned out just too cute! Now, I just love his tiny body and giant head! And I am very happy that I followed the pattern, and that I did not try to make the head smaller or the body bigger. So, the lesson learned here is to sometimes go with the flow and see what you get. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t, but this time it worked out just fine.


2 thoughts on “A “Real” Amigurumi

  1. You are SO talented! Love reading your blog! I would like to know what kind of sewing machine you own? Your embroidery is so smooth, not puckered at all! I have two Janome embroidery machines, and also love embroidering. I sew kids’ clothes for gifts, and love to quilt, crafts, write and photography, plus many other interests. Life is never boring.

    • Cynthia thanks for your kind words. My machines are Brothers. If you search for sewing machine on my blog I’m sure you will find my post where I tell people what I use and why I use it.

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