Ollie the Rhino

DSCN0407Awhile back when I made my pocket pal monsters, I needed a pattern for horns. And so I looked at several patterns of different animals with horns. One pattern I looked at in particular was for this cute rhinoceros that stood on his hind legs and had suspenders. Even though I did not use this rhino’s horns for my monsters, this pattern made its way up my to do list, finally reaching the top and becoming my next amigurumi project.

DSCN0409The pieces of this rhino crocheted up easily. His pattern is well written. The only thing issue I had with the pattern was the way he was stitched together. When I read the pattern the first time, I knew better than to follow its instruction but I did anyway. The pattern calls for the horns and ears to be stitched to the head as the head is crocheted. I have learned over the years that I prefer to crochet the pieces first, stuff them and then stitch the pieces together. I decided to go against my grain and stitch the horns to the head after completing the snout as the pattern instructions stated to do before completing and stuffing the rest of the head.


It was not a good idea to do it that way at all! I found it very challenging to line the horns up where I wanted them to be without having the head completed. It was also difficult to keep the horn in place while stitching them on without the head being completed. I did not waste my time trying to attach the ears before the head was completed. I waited to attach them after the head was crocheted and stuffed. I had learned my lesson yet again!

DSCN0412This rhino’s little suspenders were simple to make. They are just a chain. It is surprising how such a simple detail can add so much cuteness to a project. I picked bright yellow buttons on his maroon colored pants for a little pop, to add even more cuteness to this guy. The buttons made him not suitable for an infant, but I am sure an older child would still like him just fine.

Upon completing this rhino, he was named Ollie. I debated about a couple of different names but I kept returning back to Ollie, the first name I had picked. He is very cute and was great fun to make. Ollie is now anxious to fine a good home and have someone play with him.

Until next time, crochet forth and charge on!


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