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Thanks for the Memories

My niece recently posted some pictures on her blog of her kids in clothes I made for them many years ago. It is always great thrill for me to see new pictures of the kids. But to see them in the clothes I made is extra special, and it sent me on a trip down memory lane.


The first picture was of her two youngest boys. She has 4 now, by the way. The older of the two boys in the picture is wearing a jacket I made for her oldest boy’s 3rd birthday, 7 years ago. Both boys looked so cute wearing the jacket. With a little reminiscing, I remembered the construction of this jacket. It was the first time I had made welt pockets. I did not want just patch pockets on this jacket and I remember reading about welt pockets in one of my sewing reference books.


I remember sitting at the sewing machine hurrying to complete the pockets because they were coming to see us, and we were going to a local craft show at the high school. I remember hoping that the little guy would like the airplanes on the fabric and that he would be able to zip up the jacket by himself. I remember being concerned about the zipper because it was a smaller tooth zipper than I wanted to use but the color was right.

The second picture that my niece posted was of her youngest boy in a shirt I made for the oldest boy back when he was just one year old. All 4 of her boys have wore this shirt now. I am amazed it lasted this long. I made this shirt just after I got my very first embroidery machine. I used the scraps from a shirt I had just made for my husband.


In fact, there ended up being enough scraps for two shirts in size 1. One shirt was embroidered with Mickey Mouse and the other shirt with Donald Duck. Donald Duck is my niece’s favorite Disney character so you can see which one the little guy is wearing in the picture. On these shirts, I put ribbing around the sleeves. Each time I see I picture of one of the boys in these shirts, I regret adding the ribbing. To me, the ribbing gives the shirt a feminine look and I have not added ribbing to the sleeve of a boy’s shirt since.


I would like to thank my niece for posting the pictures and for taking care of the clothes, I made so that each boy could enjoy them and I could see them wearing them.  Now that she has 4 boys and the oldest is a tween and is becoming very particular about what he wears, I have not done any sewing for them recently. But, with as much as I love sewing for kids, it might be time to get back to the sewing machine and get some new clothes made.


BS – Bibs and Sleepers.


I ended up being able to do some creative stitching at the side seam and foot to save the original sleeper I mentioned in my previous post.


Thank heavens for the small piece of fabric that you sew to the bottom of zipper. It became the extension that I needed for the crotch piece. As I sewed the other foot together, it was messed up too. So, the feet on this sleeper ended up being smaller than on some of the other sleepers I have made. I don’t think that anyone will notice though and it should not affect the wearing of the sleeper. I am pleased with the end results of this sleepers although it was a challenge to get there. The other sleeper sewed up great and was fun to make.


They say it takes less time per sleeper to sew two sleepers at once. I don’t know if that is true. Yes, at first as you stitch the sleeves, you can sew and serge from one sleeper to the other without cutting off, but after that part comes the details. Zippers, ribbing, feet, seem to take the same amount of time whether you’re making one or two or more sleepers. So, in my opinion sewing two sleepers at once might end up saving 5 minutes or so. Oh well, I guess that is 5 minutes that can be used somewhere else.


Of course, with all the embroidery supplies already out for the sleepers, I figured I might as well make some bibs for the babies too. I love to make bibs because it gives me the chance to stitch a usable sample of a design. The Mickey and Minnie design that I picked out ended up being so cute on the bib that I can’t wait to put it on a shirt for me.


If you want to see my original baby bib post you can find it HERE.

The Bumble Bee Express

Take a look at my second airplane. The first airplane turned out so cute, that I just had to try another one in another fun bright color. I did make some changes in both the design and construction of this one from the first airplane.

On this airplane, I wanted to rotate the propeller so that it was out of the way when the airplane is sitting. In doing so, I had to raise the eyes higher on the plane, so they were not hidden behind the propeller. By raising the eyes up, this airplane got a bigger smile than the last one. So, in comparing the two airplanes, the husband decided that the first plane with the lower eyes was a better look even if the propeller is a little in the way. He says the second plane’s propeller looks like a mustache. I think they are both cute either with the eyes raised or lowered.

In the construction of this second airplane, I stitched the windows on as I crocheted the body of the plane. This made the stitching on of the windows easier and I was able to make smaller stitches which I like the look of better. This would not have been easier if I had not had the first airplane to use as a pattern. I counted the rows on the first plane to find the placement of the windows on the second plane. Now, I needed to make a notation on the pattern on which row to place the windows.

I got out some green yarn to make the next airplane, but I have so many patterns that I want to make that I may push the airplane patterns to the side and move on to something else. Although now that I have made two airplanes, it would be easy to keep crocheting more airplanes while I have a rhythm going. So, stay tuned for more airplanes. Maybe.


Climb aboard! It’s time for a trip on the airplane…

I needed a break from the army of ninja to crochet something cute and simple.

The pattern for this airplane came from the book Amigurumi Two by Ana Paula Rimoli. I really enjoy making her patterns. The pieces of the plane crocheted up very nicely. As always, the only difficulty was the sewing of the project’s pieces together. I am getting better at sewing the amigurumi’s together, but it is still a challenge for me.

I did make one mistake while making the airplane. I completed the airplane before attaching the windows. Although this did make it easier to line the windows up, it made it far more difficult to stitch the windows on. I did the running stitch as usual but had to work very hard to take as small of stitches as possible but still catch the yarn. Needless to say, the stitches are bigger than I would like and more uneven than I would like, but I believe it will in no way affect someone having a great time playing with this airplane.

I asked the husband which nephew I should send the airplane to, and his answer was, “You want to give away my airplane?”. So, I guess this airplane has a home. The pattern was so much fun to make that I have pulled out some red and yellow yarn to make some more, so maybe the nephews will get one as well.