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One Large Combo Puppy To Go

Since I was still in a puppy making mood, I decided to mix up my patterns and take parts from several different patterns to make my next puppy.

I started with a pattern I have made several times before. Remember the bunny, Cali, the bear and Ming Long, the panda? Yep, I started with Ana Paula Rimoli’s pattern Toys In Pajamas from her book Amigurumi World Two. I have really enjoyed making this pattern before, so I was looking forward to crocheting it again.


I crocheted the arms and legs as written in the pattern, but I took the idea from the daddy puppy pattern to make one of the paws a different color. This puppy’s muzzle and ears though came from the patchwork puppy pattern from Crochet World, with his eye spot coming from the daddy puppy pattern. The last piece, his tail, also comes from the patchwork puppy pattern, but I did change it a little, making the tail shorter and fatter.

While crocheting the body, I decided to insert the arms and legs into the body as I did on the puppy love puppy. This took some counting and decision making to figure out on which row and which stitches I wanted the arms and legs inserted at. I like the arms and legs when attached into the body, and this puppy will sit very well because of this and  he looks fine when standing too.

It took all the stuffing skills I have to finish up the last of the Simply Stuffing I had left in the bag to stuff this puppy without too many lumps and bumps. I am glad that the bag is now empty and I can open a new bag of the better quality Polyfil stuffing for my next project. But I still have one bag of the Simply Stuffing left. At first I thought I would just use it up but after stuffing this puppy, it’s going away instead. I am going to take it to Goodwill and hopefully someone else can use it. I am not really happy with the stuffing job I did on this puppy, but it is what it is.

The final piece of this puppy is his collar that I designed based on the collar on the last amigurumi Snoopy I made. I used a some scraps of Red Heart cherry cola variegated yarn left from three eyes and fries. I wanted a little color in his collar without getting away from the brown tones.

At first this was not my favorite of the puppies that I have made recently, but he has grown on me and now I think he is just adorable as the others. He is now in need of a good home though, just like the bunny, Cail and Ming Long have moved to.

Daddy and Son

Because my crochet bag was still filled with shades of brown from the previous patchwork puppy and turtles, I decided to make more puppies. The first puppy pattern that came to mind was the first amigurumi that I had ever made, a yellow puppy from a pattern from Ana Paula Rimoli’s book Amigurumi World.

I have learned much about the construction of amigurumi’s since I had made the yellow dog. When I made the yellow dog, I didn’t pay much attention to the stitch count. If one row had an extra stitch, I just did not increase as many on the next row, or I decreased an extra stitch on the next row, whichever it needed. I didn’t worry about keeping my tension even and I had never stuffed anything before. When I stuffed yellow dog, I poked some stuffing into the crocheted parts and called it done. I did not fuss over the stuffing to make sure it was smooth, or even, or packed as I do today. Even with all these things done wrong though, the yellow dog came out so cute that my amigurumi career was off and running.

Now was my chance to try the yellow dog’s pattern again with all I had learned, so I did. Because of now having more experience crocheting amigurmi’s, this pattern worked up easily and smoothly. The end results are so cute. The new daddy puppy turned out just adorable.

Being in the car again at the completion of the daddy puppy, I decided to make the baby puppy on the next page too . As with the baby turtle, the pattern was easy to follow but not as much fun to crochet because of the smaller parts. The results, although cute, just lacked the details of the larger daddy puppy, so baby puppy is just not as cute. The daddy’s eye spot is shaped, where the baby’s eye spot is just round. The daddy has a different color paw, where on the baby the the whole leg is a different color and it did not turn out as cute as just the paw being a different color.

Side by side the daddy and baby puppy are adorable and turned out great. But, as with the baby turtle, I like the daddy pattern better and would happily make it again, but I would probably pass on making the baby puppy again. Instead I would spend my time on the larger pattern.

By Land Or By Sea

I am in love with this turtle amigurumi pattern. It is from the Crochet Today magazine May/June 2010 issue. The pattern is by Ana Paula Rimoli, one of my favorite amigurumi authors, so of course, I have already made three turtles from it and have more planned.


The first turtle I made was in browns. These were the colors used in the original pattern. The pattern crocheted very quickly and was easy to follow. I had no problems keeping count while watching tv at the same time. I was concerned about the crocheting of the head and neck but it was no problem either. I love the flare it has at the bottom of the shell. On the last row, you HDC in the front loop and then leave 8 stitches un-crocheted. This gives you the back loop for sewing the bottom of the shell on to so no stitches are visible on the shell side and gives you a nice opening for stuffing and sewing the head on. This made the stitching of the turtle together easier than most amigurumi’s. The legs also stitched on easily being centered around the first round of the bottom of the shell. I used a small amount of embroidery floss to stitch a mouth on the turtle and it was completed.


I made the little bird pattern that came with the turtle pattern. But I was not happy with how the little bird looked on the back of my turtle, so I did not stitch the bird on the shell of my turtle. I decided that if I made the turtle for an adult as a decoration, I may add the bird, but if the turtle was going to a child to be played with, the bird would just be in the way and would soon be tore off with lots of play time. Since I don’t know what the fate of my turtle is to be yet, I didn’t give it the bird.


With the first turtle complete and such a delight to make, I took a look at my other variegated color yarns and quickly found the blue/green/yellow to make the shell for another turtle. I needed a sea turtle to go with my land turtle. It was as much fun as the first one to make. I also found a variegated multiple color yarn. I think the yarn is called fiesta mix. I decided to go ahead and try a turtle  from it as well. Although, I like the first two turtles better, I still think the fiesta mix turtle turned out very cute. I gave him a slightly off set smile to give him a little bit of character. The husband says the fiesta mix turtle is his favorite so far.


On my last trip to Walmart, I actually bought another skien of variegated yarn that I did not already have to make yet another turtle. How many turtles do I need? Several I guess.  So stay tuned to see the herd of turtles I want to make.

P.S. Sara loves the turtles too.

Meng Long – The Fierce Dragon Panda Bear

After perusing my usual crocheting web sites, I noticed that many people were crocheting amigurumi panda bears in various shapes, styles, and sizes. All the panda’s looked so cute that I decided I wanted to make one too. So, this is Meng Long. His name means fierce dragon but I don’t really find anything fierce about him. I think he turned out super cute, and is just adorable.



Meng Long’s pattern came from the book Amigurumi Two by Ana Paula Rimoli. I used the “toys in pajamas” pattern. I have made this pattern a couple of times and just love it. It crochets up quickly and easily and the end results are  always cute. I really like the shaping on the hands and feet of this pattern.


The time limiting factor in Meng Long’s construction was the details on his face. Did I want to use felt or crochet rounds for the black of his eyes? Did I want to add white felt to the eyes as well? Did I want to crochet him a muzzle or just use felt for his nose and mouth? If I crocheted a muzzle, did I want to use a plastic nose or embroider a nose to the muzzle? I finally decided to stop asking questions and just try a few things out. So, with that, I got started.


I liked the felt on the eyes better than the crocheted rounds right off. And I decided on blue eyes early in the process even though I know that pandas do not really have blue eyes naturally. The white felt on the eyes was a must. It took a long time, with lots of trimming, and several tries to get the felt shapes I wanted for the eyes, but the end result was worth the time and effort. I crocheted a muzzle but it took only a couple of minutes to decide that I did not like it with the muzzle. I decided I wanted him to be cartoonish cute, and not look very realistic in the end. I embroidered  his nose square, but the husband said to add the point at the top of the square. After adding the point, I agreed with the husband. It looked better that way. The crooked smile I made him with was my idea though.



After the face was designed,  Meng Long just needed to be stitched together. The stitching together of the parts went smoothly. I did not rush the process. I took my time to do it right, which kind of made it fun to see him come together. I decided to stitch his arms and legs closed and then stitch them to his body. This way he can sit down, but it is harder for him to stand. This is ok because I designed him as a toy to be  played with, and not a decoration to be displayed.


Meng Long is having a great time in the sewing room playing with Sarah and the other amigurumi’s hanging out in there, but he needs a home of his own where he will be loved and played with.

Cali -The Teddy Bear

Cali is the first amigurumi I have finished this year. I have another more elaborate amigurumi started but it takes my full concentration to keep count while working on it, so I picked this pattern to work on while watching tv or traveling in the car. She was named while on a trip to California in which I finished her construction. Cali is from the same pattern as the bunny I made. The pattern is from Amigurumi Two by Ana Paula Rimoli, but with a few changes. I had wanted to try this pattern again because I liked how well the arms and legs turned out. I like the little balls at the end of the arms and legs.


Cali is made from cheap yarn, and yes, I learned my lesson and I won’t be using cheap yarn ever again. I bought this yarn at Big Lots. It was a odd brand that I had never heard of, but was a huge skein for $4.00. I figured yarn is yarn but I learned very quickly in the crocheting process that that is not true. Although, I don’t think it affected the end results, during the crocheting process, the yarn was always splitting and did not work up as smoothly as other yarns I have crocheted with.


As far as changes to the pattern, I added two extra rows to the body of this bear. On some of the previous patterns I have made, you stop crocheting at the row with 18 stitches on both the head and the body. This makes it very easy to attach the head to the body. This pattern called for the head to be made as a ball and the last row on the body was 30 stitches. So, I added two rows, one at 24 stitches and the next one at 18 stitches. I then stopped crocheting the head when I came to the row of 18 stitches. I like the end result. It defines the neck better than the other way. Also this time, I stitched the arms on vertically instead of horizontally, so that the movement of the arms is side ways, instead of up and down. I don’t know that placing the arms this way is better than the other way. I think I would have to ask a child after they have played with the bear versus the bunny as to which one was the better attachment.


I did not mean to make a girl bear, but after I finished the face, it was a girl. I believe this is due to the tiny eyes and the smaller smile. Regardless, Cali turned out very cute. Currently she is just living on my sewing room table, but I know a little girl that she would be just right for.

Ninja #10 – They Call Me Bruce

As his namesake ninja, Bruce is the greatest ninja of the husband’s army. He is ready for the fight, to defend honor and defeat his enemies.

Bruce is made from the same pattern as several of the other ninjas, Keen, Kato, and Hawk. To change the pattern just a little, I used an H size hook to crochet Bruce. I don’t think it made much difference though. I was expecting Bruce to be larger than Keen but he is really about the same size. One thing though about using the larger hook was that the ring of 8 for the arms and legs made a larger hole at the end so there was some extra work involved in covering up the hole. I used the stuffing tool to stuff Bruce, and I am still pleased with the results.

Bruce’s weapon is fashioned after the knife on a chain weapon used in the recent movie, Ninja Assassins, a movie for the strong of heart and stomach. It is the second time I have had one of the ninja hold their weapon in their hand. Tiny Bear is holding his star. Thanks goes to the husband for the making of the knives like Kelly’s.

As I put the finishing touches on Bruce, I started to think about what to do different on the next ninja only to remember that Bruce is the last of the army. This made me just a little sad. When the husband asked for 10 ninja, I didn’t think I would complete that many before I got bored and moved onto something else, but I have really enjoyed crocheting the ninja’s and I  learned many things from their construction. I think I will console myself by crocheting a teddy bear, or a new doggie, or maybe a penguin or the cutest giraffe ever.

Ninja #8 & #9 – The Twins

Despite their background, the royal twins, Keen and Kato, are a fighting duo and are a fine addition to the husbands army.

Keen and Kato’s pattern is the same as Hawk’s which is the teddy bear pattern from the book Amigurumi World by Ana Paula Rimoli. I have crocheted this pattern a number of times now so it has become quite easy. I did deviate from the pattern in one spot. Instead of closing up the head and making it a round ball and attaching it to the body, I stopped crocheting the head at the row with the same number as the top of the body. This is where Roja’s pattern said to stop, and I found that it made attaching the head and body together much easier. The stitches match up for stitching together. On the first twin, I stopped after crocheting the first row of 18. When I stitched the body together I noticed that there was not a good neck line. On the second twin, I stopped at the next row so there were two rows of 18 at the bottom of the head. I liked the look of the added row and the more defined neck line. Looking at Hawk and the second twin, you would not know the difference in the construction, so since not making the head a ball made the construction easier, I will stop crocheting at the matched numbers from now on if possible.

When I opened my bag of stuffing to stuff the twins, I noticed a large wooden dowel that looked like a chop stick poking out of the stuffing. The packaging claimed it was a tool for stuffing, so I thought I would give it a try. On the first twin, I used the tool to help push the stuffing into the arms and legs. It was very helpful. I stuffed the body and head without the use of the tool. When I got done stitching the head and the body together, I was wishing I had put a little more stuffing in. On the second twin, I tried using the tool to poke down the stuffing in both the body and the head even though my fingers are small enough to get in the hole. It seemed that the tool packed the stuffing down better than my fingers. When I stitched the head and body together, I got the results I was looking for. It definitely did not need anymore stuffing. Unfortunately, due to the better stuffing job and the extra row in the neck, the second twin is slightly larger than the first. So, he is now the first twin, Keen, and the other smaller twin is the second, Kato. I wanted to call them brothers instead of twins, but the husband said no that they are twins despite the difference in their size. Like most twins they have slight differences in their looks that most people wouldn’t notice on first glance.

I also stuffed the twin’s arms a little different. I did not stuff the arms clear to the top. Instead I left about one row of crocheting unstuffed and stitched the arms closed. Then I stitched the arms to the body. This way the arm lay down more. I like the arms down more against the body, instead of standing straight out,  but I don’t like the look as much where the arm is stitched to the body. So, the results are just so so in the case of the differing arms.

Ninja #10 is in process. Soon the husband’s ninja army will be complete. Then what should I crochet next? Maybe that long lost afghan that has been roaming like lost buffalo somewhere in my yarn pile…

Ninja #7 – It’s a Girl!

Kelly is the only female so far in the husbands army of ninja’s, but she is a mighty warrior and will fight side by side with the rest of the army.

Kelly is a mixture of Roja and Hawk’s patterns. I used the body and head from Roja and the arms and legs from Hawk. I used a size G hook to crochet Kelly.  Kelly’s parts crocheted up easily on one our trips to California. Plus, she stitched together quite quickly. I must be getting better at this whole stitching together thing. Hopefully, I did not just jinx myself.

Kelly’s braids are what took some thought. First I had to decided where to place them. I was going to put them high on her head like pig tails, but then decided on low like they had slipped out of her hood. To make the braids, I took 6  long strands of yarn and pulled them behind several stitches, leave a good length on each side. I then braided each side of the six strands and tied them with cute little bows. I think the braids are adorable and were easy to make. The finishing touch for Kelly is her knives which the husband helped me design and make.

Ninja #8 and #9 are already under construction. Soon, the army will be complete.

Ninja #6 – Next in the Ranks

Jabar takes his place as the 6th ninja in the husband’s army. He stands ready with his bo staff to fight off any approaching enemies.

Jabar’s creation was inspired by the airplanes I crocheted. After completing the yellow airplane, I wondered if the pattern could be altered to create the next ninja. Before starting to tinker with the pattern, I checked out a couple of designs on the net to see if anyone had already done the foot work for me on altering the pattern. I found that Ana Paula Rimoli, the author of some of my favorite patterns, had the very pattern I wanted in her Etsy store. Of course, her designs are for making cute animals but with really no alterations to the monkey pattern, I had my next ninja pattern.

Jabar crocheted up quite easily. The pattern called for an I/9 hook to be used, but leery of the size of ninja that would give me, I crocheted Jabar with a G hook instead. I like the size he turned out, but I am excited to actually make the monkey with a size I hook. Jabar was easier to stitch together since I did not have to sew the head to the body.

I have ninja #7 all lined out and ready to start. Stay tuned for an upcoming surprise in the army of Ninja’s.

Ninja #5: Half Complete

Hawk, ninja #5 in the husbands army, is a stealth fighting machine as he battles evil doers with his sleek nun-chucks.

Hawk comes from the teddy bear pattern found in Amigurumi World by Ana Paula Rimoli, minus the ears of course. The husband said to try and make bigger ninjas for the next ones, so I returned to the regular teddy bear patterns. Hawk is the largest ninja of the group so far. I was going to make him solid gray, but while looking at the yarn at Walmart, I found this new Fiesta yarn from Red Heart and just had to try it. I love the color of the yarn and I think it crocheted up into a nice looking ninja. I made him a felt face like Tiny Bears instead of a crocheted one like Roja’s and I like it much better. Because he is bigger, I decided to stitch his face down. The husband picked black floss to sew the face on with. I was not sure about the using the black floss on the felt but tried it anyway. After completing the face it reminded me of a hawk, thus this ninja’s name. Once again I crocheted his ties from the pattern in my Creepy Cute Crochet book.

The nun-chucks are a whole other story. I had to make the pattern for them myself. I used a size E hook and black 4 ply yarn to make two tiny handles. I then crocheted a small chain out of gray yarn and tried to attach the chain to the handles. This was not as easy as it sounds. I did a lot of knotting, pulling and cussing when the knots pulled through the handles. It seemed like it took me longer to make his nun-chucks than it did to make Hawk himself. When the nun-chucks were finally complete, I knew they would not take a lot of abuse so I carefully glued them tightly to Hawks body. I hope this will protect the nun-chucks if Hawk is every played with as a toy. The nun-chucks look good, but I don’t know if any of the other ninja in the army will have a pair. Stars and Swords were much easier to crochet.

So now the army is half complete. Even though the husband likes the looks of Hawk, minus the Fiesta gray yarn, the husband said to go ahead and try other patterns to complete his army.

P.S. We saw the movie Despicable Me, and now the husband thinks he needs a minion of minions. I told him not until the ninja army was complete.