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A Yarn Story

The title of this post should really be “A Yarn Horror Story”, but since everything worked out fine, I will let the title be. Now for the story. I am going to give you the long version.

About 9 months ago when my Mom was visiting, I finally broke down and bought a skein of Red Heart cherry cola variegated yarn. I have looked at this yarn many times and really liked the colors, but just never purchased a skien because I had no projects in mind to make with it. While shopping at Walmart with Mom, she saw the yarn and liked the color so well that she decided to purchase a skein, so I decided it was time to purchase one as well.

The skein has sat in the yarn stash since then waiting for just the right project to make with it. After finishing Blue, I sorted through my patterns and decided to make a three eyed monster, and I knew just the yarn I wanted to use, the cherry cola. I read the pattern before I started and knew that this monster was going to be big, but I had no idea how big. As I crocheted, I watched the skein become smaller and smaller. It became obvious quite quickly that I was going to need more than one skein of yarn to finish this amigurumi project. I have never used a whole skein of yarn on a single amigurumi before. I was not worried though since I had purchased the yarn at Walmart. I figured all I needed to do was stop by and pick up another skein after work some day.

When I finally ran out of yarn, I made the trek to Walmart only to discover, you guessed it, no Red Heart cherry cola yarn on the shelf. Not only was there none in stock, but the shelf tag had been removed too, meaning no more ever. I panicked a little, but I knew we were headed for California that weekend and so I would just stop by a Joann’s there and pick up a skein.


So, while in California I stopped by the first Joann’s I found. Guess what? No Red Heart cherry cola yarn anywhere in the store. Panicking a little more, I checked on the internet and found a yarn shop 10 miles away. So, off to the yarn store we went. The yarn store was awesome, they had miles and miles of fabulous yarn, all colors and types except Red Heart brand. RATS!


Now, sweating a little, I started to search for other options. I could call Mom and ask for her skein, or even part of it, if she had not used it yet. Or I could have her check the little five and dime store in her town that carries yarn to see if they had any. And I could always order it on line as long as it was still available. Luckily, as we left the yarn store parking lot, there was a Michael’s just down the road. The husband sat in the car while I ran in and there on the shelf was 4 skeins of Red Heart cherry cola yarn. YAY! I grabbed all 4 skeins, but then put 3 back. I really only needed one to finish my project.

Wiping the sweat from my brow, I returned to the car with a big smile on my face. Michael’s had saved the day and my amigurumi project.