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In The Right Place, At The Right Time!

img_1127I am rarely in the right place at the right time. I am usually a day or two or an hour or two off the mark, but not this time. This time I was at the right place at the right time for an awesome sale at Joann’s Fabric. Despite my continued vows of purchasing no more fabric, I decided to shop this sale and I am still super excited about the deals and savings that I got, so let me tell you the story.

It was my day off and I was running some errands, when my phone chimed that I had a text.
The text was from Joann’s Fabric telling me they had a special offer just for me. Usually, I ignore these texts, but I was waiting in a line, so I decided to actually read the text.

The sale was for $20 off a $50 purchase of any regular or sale priced purchases from 4:00pm until closing that day only.

img_1136Wait a minute, that was an awesome deal!

$20 off of a $50 purchase is very close to 50% which is half price. I quickly pulled up the Joann’s app on my phone and searched the current ad. And there it was, 50% off licensed prints.

YES! 50% off the regular price plus an extra $20 off at the register? Lets go shopping! I would have no problem spending $50.00. And what made this sale even more sweet was that I was already in town and it was close to 4:00pm so it would be no trouble to swing by and pick up some beautiful new fabric to add to the stash!

img_1150I made the husband come to Joann’s with me. I also made him download the Joann’s app and coupons on to his phone. I figured that he needed to take advantage of this awesome sale as well, didn’t he? We headed down the licensed print aisle and quickly filled the cart with bolts of fun Peanuts and Star Wars prints. We then headed to the cutting table where I made a pile of bolts for the husband and a pile of bolts for me that would add up to just over $50.00 each.

Since I had instructed the husband on what and how much to have cut, I wandered off to the fleece while the husband was getting his img_1159pile of fabric cut. I found some licensed no-sew fleece blanket kits on sale for $9.99. There were several Peanuts and Star Wars blankets in the piles but I had already selected the fabric for my $50.00 purchase, so I would not be purchasing any no-sew fleece blanket kits this time.

After the cutting of our fabric purchases was done, we checked out and headed for the car. As I was reliving the savings I had just gotten again to the husband I was bemoaning the fact that I had not got any of the blanket kits. That was when the husband surprised me by saying “Well, go back then.” What?!? Go back and buy some more? What about the coupon? I only had one coupon! I looked on my phone and the coupon said it was still valid so I turned around and went back in the store.

img_1120I picked up 5 blankets and one package of dollar stickers to add up to $50.00 and headed for the register. I held my breath as the sales associate scanned the coupon on my phone. The register took the coupon and sold me my 5 blankets for $30.00 making them $6.00 a piece. What a savings! I was beyond excited! I hurriedly headed to the back to get 5 more blankets for the husband to purchase, but the husband stopped me.

Ok, ok, he was right. I had just purchased a ton of fun fabrics and now 5 blankets, and that was enough for today.

img_1141Ever since this experience, I have more carefully read the texts I receive from Joann’s, but none have been for the fabulous savings I received from that particular text that I got at the right place at the right time.

But now instead of reading more texts and planning my next fabric shopping adventure, I need to get busy sewing all of the fun fabric I purchased from this sale. So, stay tuned to see what fun things I make from all of it!

Until then, sew forth and sale on!

A Ton or None


After bemoaning the fact that we went on vacation and did not buy a single inch of fabric, I more than made up for it on the next trip. Here about 3 weeks ago we had a convention to attend in Southern California and I was able to find my way to M & L Fabric. Upon walking in the front door, I was face to face with a fabulous deal that I just couldn’t pass up.  They had marked a bunch of knits for $1 a yard. They were all heavier knits in dark colors, perfect for the husbands shirts, and I went crazy. I loaded up the cart. When I got done at the cutting table, I had 38 yards of fabric to purchase. I also bought some remnants to make my niece something, along with 10 spools of thread at $0.20 a piece and a pair of scissors for $0.99. I wish I had bought  a couple more pairs of the scissors. When I got home and tried them, they were fairly good scissors and cut well. I sure have a great time at that store, and it is a good thing I don’t live closer to it.

Well, that is the ton. As for the none, we made a fast trip to see the parents on the 4th of July. We traveled over 1300 miles in 2 days. Although I know my Mom had fabric for me to see, we had no time to see it. We were too busy visiting with family and friends, eating hamburgers and tacos and watching fireworks. So, I brought home no fabric from Mom’s, 5 skeins of yarn, but no fabric. I was totally amazed.  I did take Mom a couple of pieces of fabric from my stash that I had decided to part with, so this trip actually had the opposite effects from most of our journeys.

Souvenirs from Florida

Once again my husband sighs as I fill my suitcase, not with souvenirs from Disney orimg_0644 Sea World or even Gatorland, but with fabric.

But how could I pass it up?

It seems that I get the best deals on Snoopy fabric in Florida!

Sitting on the shelf in the Wal-Mart in Kissimmee Florida was 5 yards of this Fall Snoopy fabric for just $2.00 a yard.

My Wal-Mart at home had this print a couple of months ago for $4.44 a yard!

And before I had a chance to purchase any, even at full price, it was gone!

So, yes, I purchased every single square inch they had left of it!

Besides that, for me, fabric makes the best souvenir.

Whenever I see it in my stash or make something from it, I remember where I bought it and the good times I had buying it as well as the great memories of the vacation.