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Silly Rabbit! Crocheting is for Long Car Trips!

DSCN2318What better way to whittle away the time of a long car trip than to work on a crochet project? Since I had a long car trip coming up, my next amigurumi project needed to be something that I could crochet in the car. This meant I needed a project that was larger in size than I normally do. A project who’s pieces could be crocheted now and stuffed later and wouldn’t need any stuffing during the crocheting process. A project with a simple count, not a lot of increases and decreases to keep count of or to loose count of when distracted. And, a project that was made from just a few colors so there would be less yarn to carry. After a bit of searching, I came across this bunny pattern. And since it seemed to meet all of my criteria for a car crocheting project, I was soon all packed up and ready to go!

DSCN2324As I crocheted the pieces of this amigurumi, it did meet the needed criteria. The pieces were coming out a nice size while crocheting with my favorite G size hook. The pieces did not need to be stuffed as I crocheted them which was nice. And except for the soles of the feet, and the increases in the head for the cheeks, the piece’s counts were even and it did not take a lot of concentration to keep the count correct. With just two colors needed, I only had to work with two skeins of yarn to crochet all the pieces. Plus, the opening of the head was large enough that I could complete the crocheting of the head and still get the safety eyes and nose put in later. This was truly a great car project!

DSCN2322Upon arriving home, it was easy to start the stuffing and the stitching together of this bunny. The pieces stuffed nicely, and soon I was pulling the button joints. Button joints are becoming one of my favorite ways to attach amigurumi project arms and legs. I did have one problem with pulling the button joints. Some how I got a knot in the stuffing or yarn as I was pulling the leg joints. It left a small dent in the bunny’s belly where it pulled. I tried to undo what I had done but I couldn’t. I tugged and pulled the bunny’s belly, trying to work the dent out but I had little luck with that. I finally decided to just leave the dent and to learn my lesson of being more careful as I pulled the yarn for future button joints.

DSCN2327When it came to the smile, I tried several different styles, including an open smile with a top and bottom lip using two strands of yarn but a simple line with a little curve was the best. I opted for a fluffy white pompom for the tail rather than the crocheted tail like the pattern called for and I also left off the belly spot that the pattern had. The bunny in the pattern had a crocheted purple spot on his belly. I crocheted the circle but when it came time to stitch it on, I did not like the look on my bunny, so my bunny does not have a belly spot.

DSCN2329A name for this bunny never came to me through the entire crocheting and stitching process, but the husband quickly named the finished bunny Trix because it reminded him of Trix the Rabbit from the cereal, so this bunny’s name is Trix.

He was very fun to make and he turned out just adorable in the end.

He also made a long car ride much more enjoyable. I don’t have another car trip planned for the near future but if I did I would probably make another one of these bunnies!

Until then, crochet forth and ride on!


Well, I Don’t Consider Myself An Idiot

But, I bought and read the book anyway, and I’m glad I did. While perusing the new amigurumi books on Amazon, I came across the book The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Amigurumi by June Gilbank. I really did not read the book’s description at first, but instead skimmed the reader’s reviews and found that almost everyone loved the book. Without reading the reviews too closely, I went ahead and ordered the book.

Expecting a book of fun and exciting amigurumi patterns, I was disappointed when the book first arrived. There were only about six patterns in the book and a lot of text. And who wants a book with text these days? I want pictures!

No, not really, I’m just kidding.

At the time though, I pushed the book to the side and decided to read it later when I had more time to look at it more thouroughly.

And that time just never seemed to come.

So the other day I saw the book still sitting on my bookshelf collecting dust and  I decided it was time for it find a new home, and collect dust on someone else’s bookshelf. But before just tossing it into the goodwill box, I decided to see what some of the text had to say. To my surprise the book was actually what it said it was, a guide to making amigurumi toys. So I decided to go ahead and read the whole book right then and there.

The first part of the book was a review for me since I know how to crochet, but other parts of the book were things that I have not tried yet like making hair and using fancy specialty yarns. As I continued to read this book, fabulous ideas began to form in my brain. Creative ideas sometimes overwhelm my poor little brain, forcing me to stop and write my ideas down before I loose them. As I started writing, this list became quite long as I planned my next several projects for the future.

Now, I can’t wait to get crocheting on an amigurumi with joints or one with brushed yarn to make it look fuzzy or to make an amigurumi a wig with ringlets. My list is quite long and I am so excited to get started.

After finishing reading the book cover to cover, it returned to my bookshelf and the next time I need inspiration, I will reach for it. Not for it’s patterns, but for the spark it gave my creativity.