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Pepper And Piper

DSCN3431 (1)Squeals of delight rang from my sewing room when I saw the pattern for these penguins. They were so cute, and the pattern showed pictures of endless possibilities in colors and variations for making a whole colony of penguins. I could not wait to get the crocheting started. I envisioned making several penguins in a variety of colors and belly spots.

DSCN3439 (1)I decided to start with a basic penguin with a gray body with no belly spot and black feet and beak. Crocheting the pieces went smoothly. When it came time to crochet the different colors of the head, I decided to cut and tie each color change. The last time I made a multi-colored head for Charlie the horse, I carried the yarn across the color changes instead of cutting and tying each color change, and I had to work very hard to keep my tensions even. Cutting and tying the color changes was easier than keeping an even tension, but it was time consuming, so it slowed down the crocheting process.

DSCN3438 (1)Before I stitched the first penguin together, I crocheted the next penguin in the colony. This time the penguin would have a gray body with a white belly spot and yellow feet and beak. Once again, I cut and tied the color changes in the head and now the body. If you look closely at the pictures, you will see a small “birth mark” on this penguin’s belly. I miss counted and did not notice my mistake until a couple of rounds later after several cut and ties were completed, and I did not want to undo all my work to fix that one stitch, so I am calling it a birthmark. It adds character to the penguin and in no way decreases his cuteness. Soon enough, I had all the pieces for the second penguin crocheted and ready to stitch together.

DSCN3436 (1)I picked up the yarn to start crocheting the next penguin in the colony, but then I decided to complete the first two penguins, whose pieces were already crocheted up, before starting another. The stitching together of these penguins was much easier than the stitching together of most my amigurumi’s. Because of the multi colored head, there was no question as to where the eyes were inserted, or where the beak DSCN2730was placed. On the second penguin, I had left a long piece of gray yarn from the head to stitch the head and body together. When I came to the white of the head and the belly spot, the gray stitches stood out badly. I had to stop the gray yarn and start a piece of white yarn to sew the white areas together and then return to the gray yarn to finish stitching the head and body together. On the first penguin, I had left I long black tail for sew from the body. This blended in well with both a gray and the white of the head. The color of yarn I leave for stitching is something I will have to keep in mind when I make amigurumi’s with multicolored heads and bodies in the future.

DSCN3432 (1)Because of the black heads, I stuffed the penguins a little lighter than most of the amigurumi’s I make. Usually, I over stuff my amigurumi’s. They say the stuff settles over time, so to over stuff at first. But, when you’re working with a dark color and white stuffing, the stuffing really shows through as the stitches are stretched by the over stuffing. Although, I really like no stuffing showing through the black stitches of the head, it was very hard for me stop stuffing before I thought the pieces were completely stuffed.

DSCN3434 (1)Feeling his head now that he is stitched together, I wish I had added just a little more stuffing to the first penguin’s head, especially in the back, but the second penguin is stuffed just right. The husband likes the less stuffing. I explained to him about the stuffing settling over time, but he still said that he liked the lighter stuff and he felt that the penguin’s still had enough stuffing to withstand the settling and a lot of be played with. It will be interesting to see if that turns out to be true or not.

DSCN3433 (1)With these two penguins completed, I picked up the yarn for the next penguin in the colony and asked the husband what color beak and feet I should crochet for this penguin and should it have a belly spot or not. The husband rolled his eyes and reminded me about all the fun patterns I have yet to crochet. And, he was right, I had already made this pattern, twice, and it was fun and the finished amigurumi’s were just adorable but other just as fun patterns are waiting in the wings.

I quickly named the two penguins Pepper and Piper and they are now waiting for a good home to go and live at.

I have tucked this pattern close to the front of my crochet pattern stash, and if and when the day comes that I want to complete the penguin colony or I just need a fun and simple amigurumi that turns out super cute, I know which pattern to reach for.

Until then, crochet forth and colony on!


The Magazine Puppy

If you need to waste some time, I highly recommend perusing the web site Ravelry, but be careful. After seeing so many cute crocheted amigurumi’s, you can go into overload and may find that you have to purchase some of the patterns or even worse, a magazine subscription or a book of patterns. That is exactly what happened to me when I saw the cutest multicolor puppy made and posted by one of the crafters on Raverly. When I clicked on the pattern link, I found that the pattern for this puppy came from the magazine Crochet World and after a visit to their web site, I am now a digital subscriber to this magazine. The exciting part about my subscription is that not only does it give me a years worth of the upcoming magazines, and it allowed me to down load the last two years worth of back issues of the magazine. So, even though the puppy pattern was in a back issue, I was still able to get the pattern by subscribing to it.


I was very excited to make this puppy, but I had decided right away that rather than crocheting the puppy in multiple colors, I wanted to crochet my puppy in shades of brown. So, I started this adventure with a trip to the yarn stash, where I pulled out all the different shades of brown I had including several variegated skeins. Next came the difficult part, to decide which color I wanted to go where in the pattern. After deciding, I made a color chart by taping snips of yarn to a piece of paper labeled with each part so I would remember what I had decided. Even with the color chart next to me as I crocheted the pieces of this puppy, some of the colors changed as I stitched.


The pattern was easy to follow and the pieces of the puppy crocheted up nicely. When it was time to stitch the pieces together, I about gave up and threw the puppy away. After sewing the muzzle to the head and the head to the body, I saw that I had made a brown duck. I was so disappointed. It looked so much like a duck to me that I wanted to name the puppy Fred the Duck. I decided to press on and sew the legs on next. Even after sewing on all four legs, it still looked like a duck to me, just a four legged duck. So, to put my mind at ease, I told myself I was making a bird dog but that really did not help much. Since I was so close to finishing it, I decided to go ahead and complete this puppy/duck. But, once I sewed the tail and ears on the puppy, the duck faded away and it became a puppy. If I look at it just right, I can still see the duck in him, but since he is done and is such a cute looking puppy, I will do my best to not see the duck in him.


This puppy has already found a home and I hope is being loved as we speak. I would like to make this pattern again sometime. But for the next one I am thinking about crocheting it all in one main color with a second accent color, or maybe in a variegated brown color. What do you think? Would that look good with this pattern?