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Oh! I Want To Make That! Now!

124025535d79d799e41221839803134bThis summer I have suffered from a severe case of “Start”itis.

By definition, Startitis is a condition caused by seeing a new amigurumi crochet pattern and needing to make it NOW despite the fact that the last amigurumi project isn’t even close to being completed.

It is the process of abandoning the current amigurumi project that was being worked on previously, and leaving it as a UFO (unfinished object) to start yet another amigurumi project with the broken promises of later returning to that deserted project as soon as the new one is done, and before yet another new one is started.

My case of Startitis has been quite severe and it is going to take some time to get over at this point.

img_5668At the first of the summer, I found the cutest little lamb pattern. I have seen several cute lamb patterns over the years but I had passed on making them because of the challenge of crocheting the lamb’s wool. When I saw this lamb pattern, I was ready to accept img_5689the challenge, and started to crochet the pieces for this lamb. After crocheting the body with popcorn stitches, I needed a break from this project.

The popcorn stitches took a lot of time and concentration to crochet and keep count and I was feeling lazy. This was not a “watch tv” and still crochet project. I tried to crochet the other parts of the lamb that did not have popcorn stitches like the arms and legs, but the thought of the up coming parts with popcorn stitches just made me completely lose interest. I was determined though to see the lamb project through to completion until I spied an amigurumi pattern that I just had to make IMMEDIATELY!

Yes of course, you guessed it!

img_5687It was a ferret in a sweater!

I mean come on, EVERYONE NEEDS one of those don’t they? Boy, I sure thought that I did!

It was love at first sight when I first saw this ferret pattern and it was simple to put down the cream colored yarn of the lamb and pick up the dark brown yarn of the ferret and start on yet another new project. The ferret’s pieces crocheted easily, and I loved adding the little sweater to his body. I crocheted his head and the cut and tied yarn color changed for his little bandit face but then I promptly put my hook down. The problem was, I just saw the cutest momma and baby dragon patterns and I just had to make them both. NOW!

img_5695Since it was so easy to stop working on the lamb project, and start the ferret project, I had no problem at all in deserting the ferret project to start to crochet the dragons instead. I picked out burgundy and gold for the momma dragon and two shades of purple for the baby dragon and then I started crocheting on the momma dragon’s body right away!

Because I was in such a hurry to start the dragons, I didn’t take the time to read through the pattern first so I was surprised as I crocheted the momma dragon’s body just how big she was going to be, but since the body was turning out really cute I had no problem continuing to crochet on it. I finished the momma dragons body and then I started crocheting the next pieces until I was presented with a new challenge.

Yes, you again guessed correctly. I just had to make a black panther!

img_5693You see, while I was visiting with an old friend, I decided to make her an amigurumi and asked her what her favorite animal was. I was expecting her to say a dog, a cat, a mouse, a cow, a pig, a monkey, or, could I be lucky enough, a lamb, a ferret or a momma dragon, but her response was a black panther instead.

As soon as she named a black panther, I lost total interest in making her an amigurumi for two reasons. One, I have never seen a pattern for a black panther and two, I can’t see black yarn very well so it is more difficult to crochet with than other colors. Crocheting an entire amigurumi from black yarn and getting something that resembled a panther out of it was just too much for my little brain at the time.

But, as time when on and I thought more about it, my little brain started to design a black panther for my friend. This challenge intrigued me so I stopped working on the momma dragon to get the panther started.

img_5699After crocheting a few pieces of the panther, I put my hook down. Luckily, not to start yet another amigurumi project but to evaluate what I had been doing. So far I had a bag of cream and beige yarn and pieces of a little lamb, a bag with the cute ferret’s pieces ready to be stitched together, a bag with a big momma dragon’s body, and now a bag with black panther’s pieces in it.

tumblr_nrsok0hg571uawe7no1_1280I decided that I really had to stop this and focus on one project, complete it and move on. These were all projects that I wanted to finish, but I had let new pattern after new pattern get in the way. I could not allow myself to start a new amigurumi project again until I had completed these four that were already started.

So, my new amigurumi project was to pick one of these four current project and compete it. This was a great goal until I realized Halloween is in just six weeks.

Oh crap!

I had wanted to make more candy filled ghosts and spiders for Halloween this year. Now, what do I do? Do I abandon the little lamb, the cute ferret, the momma dragon and now the black panther to start on Halloween projects before it is too late? Stay tuned to see what I decided next time!

Until then, crochet forth and start yet another project before you finish the previous one on!

Flannel Baby Blankets

img_2914With the long car ride to see the parents, I worked on baby blankets. The first blanket is for a girl. I have had the little sheep print flannel hidden in the stash for many years and it was time for it to come out. I had to purchase the pink flannel for the back, but Wal-Mart has a good price on flannel. I decided on the regular weight pink yarn so I used the skip stitch blade #1 to make the cuts. I cut at 1/2 inch from the edge.

I thought this would be close enough to the edge that I would not get a long drop, but as I started the first row, the drop was longer than I liked so I folded the edge over. I had to convince myself that the fold looked ok, but I like the
img_2920look of the fold better than the long drop.

On the next flannel blanket I make, I will cut at 1/4 inch from the edge and that should solve my problem with the length of the drop. I will have to sew closer to the edge of the blanket so the seam allowance does not interfere with the skip stitch blade, so we will see how that turns out the next time I do a blanket. I do not cut or sew very straight, so sewing that close to the edge may present a problem.

After finishing the first row, I decided to change to white yarn. So, the second row is just a chain 3 and slip stitched in every 3rd stitch of the first row. After completing the second row, I switched back to pink and started to do a scalloped edges around the blanket, but I was not happy with the results. The pink scallops covered all the white chain and you could not even tell that I changed colors. I thought about going back to the white to do the scallops, but then I just started chaining again. I chained 3 then slip stitched into the white chain, and I am very pleased with the end results.  I like the design so much that I will do the exact same thing again on another blanket, and this time I will do it that way on purpose.

img_3178The second blanket is for a boy.

It is made from two remnant that I picked up at Wal-mart recently. Because the flannel came from the remnant bin, they were not full yards so the blanket is a little odd sized and
img_3183smaller than I would have normally made.

I could have cut some off and squared up the blanket but that would have made it really small and I would rather have a couple of extra inches on the blanket, than to throw away the pieces I would have cut off.

I picked the remainder of a skien of soft yarn from another project to go around this blanket. Even though the yarn is thinner than regular yarn, it is still 4 ply so I went ahead and used the skip stitch blade #1, and I think the end results turned out very well.

Once again I cut at 1/2 inch from the edge, not having learned my lesson from the previous blanket yet, so I folded the edge on the first row. For the second row, I tried to do the peak pattern I like so much for boy’s blankets but with the thinner yarn it just did not look that good, so I switched to a scallop pattern instead.

The pattern is chain 2, skip 2 stitches, 5 double crochets in the 3rd stitch, chain 2, skip 2 stitches, and slip stitch in the next.

I think the blanket and edge turned out cute. Hopefully, the little guy I am giving this blanket to will like the dogs on it and his mom will like the brown scalloped edge.