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A Snake In The Grass

IMG_4459I have been eyeing this snake pattern for a long time. It looked like a quick, but fun project. So, when it was time to pick another amigurumi project, this snake popped to the top of my to do list.

IMG_4463As I dug through the yarn stash looking for just the right colors for the snake’s body and stripes, I found four colors that I really liked together that would work great for the snake’s body, but I only needed three colors to make the pattern. But which three colors should I pick? Undecided, I asked the husband which three colors he thought would look best for the snake’s body and stripes. He said I should use all four colors. After a long pause to see it in my minds eye, I decided that yes I could use all four colors. I would subtract one round for the color that was used the most in the snake’s stripe and replace that round with the fourth color. With the colors planned out, it was time to start crocheting.

IMG_4466The crocheting of the snake’s body started with the tail. I crocheted the tip of the tail and then the first 3 color stripe. It looked great. Since it was not too many rounds until the next stripe, I decided to carry the 3 yarns of the stripe as I crocheted. After the third stripe, though, I noticed that the 4 yarns that I was carrying instead of cutting and tying off with each color change, were getting very twisted and hard to manage.

Maybe I should be cutting and tying each color change to prevent this twisting mess?

IMG_4338But, I knew it would not be easy to cut and tie each color change in a 10 single crochet round, especially with the number of color changes this snake’s body had. So, I had to decide which I wanted to do, take the time to untwist the 4 carried yarns as I crocheted or cut and tie off each color change. I decided to carry and untwist the yarn as I crocheted.

IMG_4336It wasn’t difficult to untwist the yarn as I crocheted, but it was time consuming. I still think it was less time consuming and trouble to carry and untwist the yarns than to cut and tie each of the color changes. Once I had completed the ninth stripe of the snakes body, I really liked the results and I was very pleased that I took the time and effort to use the extra color. I crocheted the snake’s head next, and soon I had the two pieces of the snake crocheted up and ready to stitch together.

IMG_4461The pattern said to stuff only the snake’s upper body and his head which I did. I then stitched the head and body together. The next step was the tricky step. I had to twist the snake’s body tightly enough so that it supported the snake’s head and made the snake stand upright like a cobra. After several twisting attempts and some fiddling and fussing, I got the snakes body twisted and his head positioned just right. I grabbed my pins and pinned everything in place. Then, with some small unseen stitches, I tacked the twists and head in place.

IMG_4465After some thought, this snake was named Snape.

Snape is very cute and definitely would not scary anyone as he slithers through the grass. He was a fun project but not quite as quick of a project as I thought it would be. I do hope to make more snakes some day as they were a lot of fun!

Until then, crochet forth and slither and twist on!


Have You Ever Heard of A Box Spider?

DSCN1224“Can you use these?” asked a friend as we stood in his garage with him holding a box full of wooden cigar boxes.

He explained that he had quit smoking cigars years ago, but thought the wooden boxes were cool and that he would find a use for them. He had not, and it was now time for them to leave his garage. I should have said no but my creative mind went wild. Yes, these boxes were super cool and I could… Or maybe I could… Mmmm, how about…. Never mind, I will think of something to do with them later!

And, with that, I am now the proud owner of 20 wooden cigar boxes. As I packed the box of wooden cigar boxes in the trunk of my car, my friend jokingly said, “Those boxes have been living in the garage a while now, so make sure and return any spiders that might be living in them.” Haha I thought at the time, but now the joke is on him. I went right home and found a great pattern for my next amigurumi project.


I got the pattern for this spider for free on the internet. I read through the pattern and it looked easy enough, so I started crocheting the pieces of this spider. The head and body were crocheted in the round but the legs are crocheted in rows and then stitched together to form the legs. The pattern did not really give any instructions on making the legs, so after giving it some thought, this is how I made this spiders legs.

I knew I wanted to stuff the legs with pipe cleaners instead of stuffing so they would hold the spider up and be posable.

DSCN1228So after stuffing and stitching the head and body, I threaded my large eyed needle with a pipe cleaner and pulled it through the spider so that one pipe cleaner made two legs, one on each side of the body. Next, I folded up the end of the pipe cleaner into a loop, so the pipe cleaner would not poke out of the crocheting. Then I measured how long the leg needed to be, folded my row piece of crocheting around the pipe cleaner and stitched the crocheted piece together to make the leg. The pipe cleaner was already inside the just crocheted leg and I just had to stitch the leg to the body. On the other side, I measured the leg again, folded up the pipe cleaner to match the needed length, folded the crocheted pieces around the pipe cleaner and stitched it together and then to the body. Two legs were done. This worked great, and it was easy to finish up the other six legs.

DSCN1263The hard part was next. Should I make a realistic spider? Should I make I a black widow with a red hour glass on it’s belly? Should I grab the brushes and make it fuzzy? Or, should I make a scary spider with red eyes and fangs? Should I give the spider two eyes or multiple eyes. What shaped design should I put on its back, or should I leave it blank? Or should I make a comical, fun spider since this was part of a joke? Decisions. Decisions.

After googling pictures of spiders, I got out my googly eyes and starting taping them to the spiders head. It was not long before I picked the large green eyes with the smaller eyes around them for my spider. This lead me to pick the bright green yarn to make the star on the spider’s body. I debated about the green smile, but in the end, I decided that this spider was for fun and so the green smile stayed.

DSCN1275My spider was a tight fit in the cigar box. So it didn’t get lonely in the mail, I added a variety of plastic bugs and spiders and two snakes to keep the spider company on his journey back to my friend’s house. With the husband’s help I wrapped the box in brown paper and he decorated it to look like a wooden crate. My friend should not be surprised when he receives the box in the mail. He told me to return any spiders and so that is what I did.

I hope he likes him!

Until next time, crochet forth and spider on!


It’s out! Ana Paula Rimoli’s third book, Amigurumi Toy Box, is available for purchase. Yes, I have purchased the book and have made one of the patterns already. The patterns and designs in this book are just as wonderful as her first two books. The animals in this book are smaller in size than her other books but I believe that was the idea behind the “toy box”. Most of the patterns use a smaller hook than the patterns in her other books. Looking through the book, the first pattern I wanted to make was the snake but I became side tracked by the cute little bird.



I realized several months ago that I had never crocheted my mom an amigurumi. Of course, she has no need for a teddy bear but I knew that there were lots of designs out there that she would like. While studying the snake pattern in the new book, my eye kept wandering to the little bird on the next page, so I started to crochet the bird instead of the snake.


The pieces of the bird crocheted up easily and the sewing together went quickly, once I figured out the position of the head to the body. With only a little bit of felt details, the bird was done. Because the construction was so quick and fun and the result was so cute, I started another bird for my mother in law. To spice the construction up a little, I switched the colors of the birds. Soon enough, I had four birds made for family and friends.


With the birds made, I needed to get started on the stumps so they had some place to sit. I ended up crocheting only one stump. The patterns made up quickly but I grew bored knowing that I had to make 3 more stumps. Dragging my feet and complaining about crocheting stumps, the husband reminded me about the $1.00 wooden birdhouses we saw at Joann’s the last time we were there. What a great idea, but I am not a painter so the unpainted birdhouses presented a problem. The husband came to the rescue and painted the birdhouses for me with a white base and a spray of blue accent. He also cut out a dip in each roof for the birds to sit.


The birds looked so cute on the birdhouses that I quickly abandoned the one stump I had made and put all 4 birds on a house instead. I think they turned out really cute and the recipients of the birds seem to like them too.  Now it is back to the book to make the snake, then the dolphin or the unicorn or the polar bear, but what about the hot dog? I am so excited to crochet them all.

Snakes. Why’d It Have To Be Snakes?

Since the pattern for my shirt was already laying on my sewing table, I decided I would make another shirt. Mom gave me the olive green fabric on one of our visits to see her. It is a nice piece of fabric with a good feel but there wasn’t enough for a complete shirt. So, I pulled out another piece with a cool design on it from the stash to put with it. I like the two pieces together and I think the two fabrics compliment each other.


The problem came, once again, when trying to pick out a design. I could envision several different designs on this shirt from Snoopy as a Boy Scout to a gorilla, but when I ran across this design of a snake’s eye, I knew exactly what I wanted on this shirt. Once again I questioned whether a snake on my shirt was appropriate for me, but this shirt was my chance to use a design that I have always liked, but did have anything to put it on.


I am pleased with the end results of this shirt. I like the combination of the two fabrics with the snake eye design. I am excited to wear my new shirt.