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Star Wars Senior

DSCN4060DSCN4067“They won’t fit.” That is the reply I got from the husband when I showed him my latest sewing project, the kid’s Star Wars sweatshirts. What do you mean they won’t fit? These shirts will fit a 2 year old just fine. Then, it dawned on me. These shirts would not fit the green eyed husband. So, my next sewing project would be a Star Wars shirt for the husband.


Looking at my Star Wars embroidery designs, I picked a maroon colored knit from the stash for the husbands shirt. After laundering the fabric, I laid it out on the cutting table to get started only to find out that the maroon fabric was not big enough to make a shirt for the husband a shirt from it. So, the husband picked a black knit from the stash for the sleeves and the collar. As I cut out the fabric, I was glad that I did not have enough of the maroon fabric. The black and maroon fabrics looked really good together. Far better than the maroon would have looked alone.


DSCN4044DSCN4043It’s been awhile since I have made the husband a new shirt, but the sewing process went smoothly enough. Both the maroon and black knit fabric are nice fabrics and where easy to work with. The husband picked his embroidery design, the Stormtrooper with the sun ray rising sun background, and it embroidered on to the shirt nicely.


All was going along nicely until the husband picked white/clear buttons and white thread for the double needle hems on the bottom of the shirt and the sleeves. I was more then a little apprehensive about this. Sometimes when using a double needle, my sewing machine and the knit fabric that I’m DSCN4065DSCN4063sewing with like to argue during the sewing process. I can hide a lot of this arguing with a matching thread color but could I hide the arguing with a white contrasting thread?


Luckily, as I mentioned before, these were nice knit fabrics to work with and they did not argue with the double needle and the hems sewed fairly smoothly and they look good.

Finally with the last step of sewing the buttons on, the husband’s Star Wars shirt was done!


DSCN4041DSCN4042But before I could go back to sewing some more kid’s Star Wars clothes, the husband pointed out the Chewbacca fleece blanket kit we purchased at Joann’s last half price sale. After the husband gave me some sweet puppy dog eyes that said “Please make my blanket next”, I got started on his blanket.


To increase the size of the blanket, I did not cut off the black dotted line edges of the blanket that were supposed to be cut into strips and then tied together. Instead I squared the top and bottom fleece pieces and then sewed them wrong side together 1/8 inch from the edge. Next I cut 1/4 inches from the edge with the skip stitch blade. The blanket was then ready for its edge to be crocheted on.


DSCN4035DSCN4038After crocheting the foundation row, I tried several different edges like scallops and triangles but the husband liked the chained edge the best. So I chained 3, skipped 2 stitches on the foundation row, then slip stitched in the 3rd stitch. On the next row, after changing colors, I chained 3 then slip stitched in the next chain 3 of the 2nd row. For the 3rd row, I picked a different color but I didn’t like the multicolor look so I changed back to the foundation rows color and crocheted the 3rd row like the 2nd row. I had planned to crochet a 4th and 5th row, but this did not look good so I stopped after the 3rd row.


The husband was pleased with his finished Chewbacca blanket as well as his new Stormtrooper shirt. Both were fun for me to sew and crochet. Now, that the green eyed monster has left the sewing room. I can get back to sewing more kid’s clothes.

Until then, sew and crochet forth and remember to always let the Wookiee win!

Star Wars Weekends

It is always fun to watch my blog stats page to see how many hits I get on my posts during a certain time of the year.

Over the years I have noticed a definite slowdown around major holidays and it really gets slower around the time of year when the sun finally starts to come out and the days get longer for most people in North America. We call that summer time folks! When the livin’ is easy!

Because of this, I have decided that I will also slow my postings down around this time of year since no one is taking the time to read my brilliant word smithing anyway. I should still have about a post a week, but it may be more filler and not so technical or informative, that is so I can save the more exciting stuff for the fall and winter when more people are reading it.

So if you notice a difference in the posts that is why. Don’t worry. The juicy stuff will be back in the Fall and the Winter when you are stuck inside with nothing better to do.

Just call me Indiana Domo-Kun! Indy Domo for Short!

Just call me Indiana Domo-Kun! Indy Domo for Short!

In May I usually travel to Walt Disney World to celebrate Star Wars Weekends with my husband. It is always a giant Star Wars Celebration with all of the geekyness and nerdyness that ensues at such an event.
He is a huge Star Wars fan and there are several of the actors and actresses from the movies scheduled to appear for meet and greets and Q&A sessions.

Plus they have an AWESOME special Star Wars parade with several characters from the Star Wars Universe in it that is a MUST SEE every year!

It is always a lot of fun and I really enjoy going and doing all of the different events every year. This year was an especially big deal with the new Star Tours 2 in 3D premiering and opening on the first Star Wars weekend and George Lucas and Bob Iger even showed up to open the new ride.

Snakes! Why did it have to be Snakes!

Snakes! Why did it have to be Snakes!

It was a real thrill getting to meet George Lucas at the event. Anthony Daniels, the actor that was C-3PO in all the films was there too and it was great getting to meet him as well. Several other personalities from the Star Wars universe were there too but other than George Lucas and Anthony Daniels I had already met them previously.

This year I decided rather than having the husband take a hundred pictures of me standing in front of something or another that no one really cared about, I would take one of my recent creations with me instead to photograph at the different events we went to.

This turned out to be great fun and I will definitely do it again. I looked at my recent amigurumi creations and I saw Mickey Mouse and Domo Kun within eyeshot.

I didn’t think Mickey would pack very well so I decided to take Domo-Kum instead since he would pack flat in a suitcase just fine.

Here are some of the HILARIOUS photos that I ended up taking with him. I hope you enjoy this bit of silliness as much as I did!